Performance Rights

Drama Circle currently offers 4 plays for production:

  1. A New Dress for Mona by Mark Perry (2009; drama, 5F; 5M). 
    When rising persecutions threaten her father, Mona speaks out against the injustice, only to draw the fanatic's eye to herself. Based on a true story.
  2. Band of Gold by Mark Perry (2010; comedy/drama, 4F; 6M). 
    When two college-age youth—one Persian, one bi-racial American—want to marry, their families struggle to accommodate the couple's wishes with their own preferences and expectations.
  3. On the Rooftop with Bill Sears by Mark Perry (2004; comedy, 1M). 
    Follow 1950's TV personality Bill Sears on a journey both entertaining and poignant as he unravels the secret of a childhood vision and realizes the unyielding demands of a true calling.  
  4. The Will of Bernard Boynton by Mark Perry (2015; drama/comedy, 1F; 3M). 
    Two estranged brothers return to their father's house in rural Maine, where he has recently committed suicide and where his spirit waits, neglected. A story that crosses isolated New Englanders, Sufi mysticism and George Jones.

If you would like to apply to perform one of these plays, click on the specific play title above. You may then fill out a simple online form requesting permission. The application form is also available as a PDF to email back. If you have any trouble or questions, contact us.

You must apply for permission before producing one of these plays. Performance of plays, in whole or in part, without permission is a violation of copyright law. 

If you are not yet familiar with these plays, they are available for purchase. Plays 1, 2 and 3 are each included in the book The Lover at the Wall. Published separately is The Will of Bernard Boynton, and we now offer A New Dress for Mona as a separate edition.